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Welcome to Minnesota's new Early Childhood Longitudinal Data System site!

We are excited to offer this new and evolving tool to help our state answer questions about young children and their development and learning. Keep in mind, this is Minnesota’s foundation for filling gaps in knowledge on children. We are excited to continue to grow our system and provide more and robust information for all interested users around the state.

Thanks for visiting! Please come back often, we are constantly growing and adding new features. If you have any questions please contact eclds.support@state.mn.us.

What's New

Minnesota Awarded SHINE Technical Assistance Grant to Explore Integration of Family Home Visiting Data

The national organization, Child Trends, with funding from the Heising-Simons Foundation, recently awarded Minnesota’s Early Childhood Longitudinal Data System a technical assistance grant to explore the feasibility of integrating family home visiting data. SHINE stands for State-level Home Visiting INtegration with Early Childhood Data Systems. Family home visiting is a vital support to high needs children and families. Health home visiting models are operated at the community health board level in Minnesota. This means that the data reside in local counties. The ECLDS is partnering with Saint Paul Ramsey Public Health (Ramsey County) to explore what it takes to integrate home visiting data over this 15-month opportunity. Stay tuned for developments in this important new exploration.

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NEW: Child Welfare and Early Learning Scholarships Data

In our most recent release, we offer two new reports with analytics for Child Welfare (child protection) and Early Learning Scholarships. Knowing whether or not children and families have contacts with Child Welfare systems is important for many early care and education programs in Minnesota. Child Welfare also has interest in understanding how children fare over time as they enter other systems such as education. Early Learning Scholarships are an important resource for parents whose children attend care while they work or attend school. Check out these two new reports!

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ECDC Report Outlines the Importance of Integrated Data Systems to Support Child Well-being

The Early Childhood Data Collaborative (ECDC) recently released a report outlining the key benefits to policymakers, planners, teachers, and caregivers of early childhood integrated data systems. Integrating data helps communities understand how children are faring across multiple systems. Having a broader perspective helps all those working with children and families address needs and allocate resources effectively. Read the report at this link!

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This project is funded by the Minnesota Department of Education using federal funding, CFDA 84.412A- Federal Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant.

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