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Welcome to Minnesota's new Early Childhood Longitudinal Data System site!

We are excited to offer this new and evolving tool to help our state answer questions about young children and their development and learning. Keep in mind, this is Minnesota’s foundation for filling gaps in knowledge on children. We are excited to continue to grow our system and provide more and robust information for all interested users around the state.

Thanks for visiting! Please come back often, we are constantly growing and adding new features. If you have any questions please contact eclds.support@state.mn.us.

What's New

Minnesota Featured in New National Report

Minnesota’s ECLDS was featured in the joint policy report from the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Education (ED) last winter. Along with seven other states’ best practices related to building and launching integrated data systems for early childhood, Minnesota’s work on stakeholder identification and engagement and Head Start program data integration were highlighted. Here is a link to the report. Thanks, ECLDS team, for this positive national recognition of our joint work!

The Integration of Early Childhood Data  


ECLDS now has a mapping feature! Many professionals working in early childhood struggle with the variety of jurisdictional boundries that relate to the many programs serving families with young children. The new Maps feature contains jurisdictional bounaries for county, school district, community health boards, Head Start regions, MIF regions, and many others. There are also data layers for Head Start, Early Head Start, Home Visiting and Parent Aware Rated programs. Maps can be printed and layers can be dragged and dropped to change order for printing and viewing.

Click the Maps button to the left and explore!


Community-Based Early Childhood Initiatives Report Released by Child Trends

A recent publication from Child Trends provides an overview of the result of national stakeholder meetings focused on supports needed by community early childhood programs. Data and research use figure prominantly throughout the report from planning, to implementation and evaluation. Integrated data systems like the ECLDS are an important foundation to understanding the needs of communities. See the report here.

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