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Welcome to Minnesota's Early Childhood Longitudinal Data System!

We are proud to offer this ever-evolving tool to help our state answer questions about young children and their development and learning. We are excited to continue to grow our system and provide more robust information for all interested users around the state.

Thanks for visiting! If you have any questions please contact eclds.support@state.mn.us.

What's New

2020-21 School Year Data Now Available

The ECLDS now contains data for the 2020-21 school year for a total of eight years of data. Use the breadth of data to observe trends in your county or school district of choice.

new school year of data now available  

Map Helps You Locate Nearby Support Resources

Make quicker connections to resources in your community with help from ECLDS's MN Family Resource Map. The ECLDS website used to include both a Comprehensive Services Map and a Boundaries & Sites Map. We have now combined those into a single map. In the website navigation menu, select "MN Family Resource Map" to view and use the new, updated map.

Minnesota family resource map, geolocate support resources in your area  

Find Resources for Healing-Centered Practice

Trauma-Informed Toolkit: Resources for Healing-Centered Practice  

Share Your ECLDS Stories

How has ECLDS helped you in your work? We're collecting anecdotes, studies, press releases, photos—whatever you have to share with us to help us better understand how ECLDS is being used and how it could grow to better meet your needs. Share your stories by emailing us at eclds.support@state.mn.us.

Share your stories, email us at eclds.support@state.mn.us  

Navigate ECLDS with Confidence

Stop by the ECLDS's new Tutorial Videos page, where you'll find brief, informative clips that will help you quickly and confidently navigate the ECLDS website and its related resources.

New Tutorial Videos  

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This project has been funded by the Minnesota Department of Education using federal funding, CFDA 84.412A-Federal Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant and CFDA 84.372-Institute of Education Sciences: Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems. It is also funded by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education as part of appropriations for the Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (Minnesota Session Laws, 2021 1st Special Session, Chapter 2 --H.F.No. 7, Article 1, Section 2, Subd. 16).

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